When you search for Saltillo Tile Cleaning and Sealing near me for Saltillo Restoration services; Mexican Tile Restoration is your experts in the Southwest. We offer Saltillo Tile installation along with Saltillo cleaning, sealing, and full Saltillo restoration services for your home or business.

For nearly 30 years we have been the #1 restoration, cleaning, and Installation Company for your Mexican Tile and Saltillo Tile needs. We provide tile restoration, replacement, repair, and removal services in the Phoenix Valley, Los Angeles, and Orange County California.

Saltillo Tile Cleaning & Restoration Service

If you're home or business has Saltillo tile that's become dingy, dirty, and just isn't as stunning as the day it was installed, we are here to help! We are the most experienced team of Saltillo tile restoration specialists. While anyone can throw down some cleaner and try to seal your tile right, it is our experience and expertise that allows us to do the job faster, better, and leave your tile sealed properly.

Our Saltillo restoration service restors the beauty of your Saltillo tile flooring along with improving the overall apperance of your residential or commercial spaces. We use a detailed approach to prepare for the restoration by moving anything necessary, taping off to protect your home, and then providing the most detailed cleaning services available. We follow that up by using the highest quality tile sealants that match your Saltillo tile best to help provide new life to your flooring.

Saltillo Tile Cleaning & Restoration Cost

Saltillo tile restoration costs vary from property to property based on how much floor is covered with Satillo tile flooring. Bigger areas cost more than smaller ones but the average cost of Saltillo tile restoration for 300 square feet is about $330 dollars. Costs are affected by factors such as the grade of cleaning products, tile sealant, how dirty your Saltillo tile has become.

Restoration Cost Factors

Some other factors affect the cost of Saltillo tile restoration such as if furniture must be moved, if surfaces need to be covered and protected along with all of the set up and breakdown of cleaning equippment, travel time, disposable materials, and all other items needed to complete the Saltillo tile restoration job.

What Is Saltillo Tile?

Mexican Tile is your source for Saltillo Tile

Saltillo tile is a naturally type of tile that has its origins in Saltillo, Mexico.  Being one of the two famous export products to come from this city, Saltillo tile is highly sought after in the Southwest. When business or homeowners want an authentic look for their properties in Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles other other southwestern cities; saltillo tile is one of the best ways to get it. The look of Saltillo tiles have become so popular that in addition to other regions of Mexico, countries such as Italy have started producing that high-fire look.  While they might have the look they are not the authentic article, which is the terra-cotta original.

While Saltillo tiles vary in shape and color the vast majority tend to range in a variety of red, yellow, and orange hues.  The quarried clay is pressed into a wooden frame, or clay is carved to produce the distinct shapes that are available for Saltillo tile.  Depending on the batch of clay and how they are fired they will have their own unique hue.

Due to the natural absorbent nature of this type of tile it is not recommended for do-it-yourselfers to try to install it.  It takes a special tile laying process that must be completed before the sealant can be applied. Mexican Tile has you covered with a wide variety of Saltillo styles that will fit any décor and completely your homes look.  We handle all your tiling needs in the Phoenix Metro Area, and in Southern California.

Schedule Saltillo Tile Cleaning & Sealing

If you're ready to restore the great look of your floring with our Saltillo tile cleaning and sealing services, we are a quick phone call away. Our team will set up a time that works best for you or your business to come and take care of your Saltillo tile flooring. We provide Saltillo Tile restoration services in the Phoenix Valley and Orange County California.

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