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checkboxHere at Mexican Tile Restoration, we will are able to handle all of your tile installation vallewide in Phoenix. There are varieties of styles of tile that you may choose from such as; natural stone, Saltillo tile, porcelain, and ceramic.

checkboxWe will come to your business or home and discuss your tile needs and which styles you like best. We have a wide variety of tiles you can choose from to best fit your property..

checkboxYou are also welcome to come into our showroom in Phoenix and select from thousands of samples.
We will be able to measure your business or home and install you tile within 2 weeks from the time you order.
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  Tile Types 

Mexican Tile Restoration, Inc. Allow us to bring your flooring back to life. Below are the various tile types and their differences so that you will be able to make the best selection for what you need.

Porcelain tile

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile Installation Phoenix AZ

Saltillo Tile

Saltillo Tile Installation Phoenix AZ

Natural Stone

Natural Stone Tile Installation Phoenix AZ

Porcelain tile

Porcelain tiles are chip resistant. The porcelain is baked at higher temperatures and is more dense. They are also moisture resistance. The best advantage to porcelain is that the color is all the way through the tile so if it is chipped, a contrasting color won't show through. Porcelain is also very hard, which helps it have great durability..

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is made from clay and other trace materials. The clay is formed into tile shapes and then kiln baked. The tile comes in both non-glazed or glazed options. The non-glazed tiles will need to be coated with a sealant to prevent stains. Glazed tiles will have a smooth glossy look that is similar to marble without the high price.

Saltillo Tile

Saltillo or Mexican tile is very porous and needs to be sealed once a year to prevent staining or discoloration. Most porous tiles will soak up anything that is spilled on them unless they have been properly sealed. Mexican tile is made and then set outside to sun dry. Saltillo tile is easier to chip and softer than other types.

Natural stone

Natural stone includes marble, slate and travertine. There are 2 types of tile that are more expensive when compared to Saltillo, ceramic or porcelain tile which are marble and travertine. Travertine is limestone that has been formed by natural springs and it is cleaned with non-acidic materials. Marble tile is harder than travertine and more durable. Both marble and travertine flooring can stain easily if it isn’t properly sealed at least once a year.

Why Tile flooring?

Stone or tile flooring may change the whole look of any room especially in the kitchen. Picking the right tile may be a real challenge. The kitchen is a main point of your home and you may be able to place tiles on the floor, walls and counters. There isn’t a limit on what you may do with the kitchen when you use tile. You could start with a backsplash or you could just do the floor or the whole kitchen. Start today by calling for an estimate for free.

It is quite exciting to be able to liven up your business or home with stone or tile flooring. There are hundreds of styles and types to choose from. You have natural stone, Saltillo, ceramic or porcelain. If you are unsure of where to begin then call our staff to ask questions. Our friendly staff is here to help you.

checkboxHaving a beautiful bathroom will certainly help you to relax and unwind. It can even raise the volume of your home and it will impress your guests. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when picking tile for your shower or bathroom. Differnt colors and styles will create a different character for your home.

checkboxWe will help you decide which tile fits your needs best and help you select the right tile based on the size of the area. If you have a small bathroom, you may want a smaller tile and if you are unsure we will help you out. You should consider what type of stone or tile flooring will look best in your shower or bathroom. Bring a photo of your current bathroom fixtures and color scheme. That or let us know what the new color scheme will be so we can help you pick the best tile for your newly remodeled bathroom.

There are hundreds of styles and brands of flooring for you to pick from. Come to the showroom in Phoenix and select your stone or tile flooring and we will install it within 14 days or less.

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