Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Floor Problems

If you’re having tile problems such as porcelain tile discoloration choosing the right tile restoration products and tile restoration company is important.  You want experienced and professional tile restoration contractors in your home or business who know how to clean porcelain tile the right way. They know the right procedures to clean your porcelain flooring effectively and preserve it’s condition.  Taking care of your floors right preserves the value of your home or business.

Why Do I Need To Clean My Floors?

It was found by a poll from Harris Interactive that 79% of customers refused to return to establishments with a restroom they considered to be dirty. These numbers do not look much better for areas with dirty flooring and do not include the number of customers lost or decrease of reputation due to dirty floors.

The use of mops will move the bacteria around the floor, spreading the bacteria from spills and contamination.

Top 5 Ceramic and Porcelain
Tile Floor Problems

Although having porcelain and ceramic tile flooring provide functionality, durability and aesthetics, maintaining them can be difficult, Especially within a commercial environment, such as public bathrooms, restaurants, and other areas with heavy traffic.

1. Dirty Grout

When it comes to a commercial environment, this is one of the leading grout issues. Restaurants and bathrooms are more common areas because of food, oil and other spills which contaminate the floor. Due to grout being porous in nature, and obviously because it is positioned under the tile surface, it can be difficult to reach and retain a large number of bacteria sitting under the visible surface.

Dirt and bacteria get trapped within the grout lines, which not only reduces the visual appearance, it can result in odors being retained in the grout. Unhygienic bacteria being present is bad for business reputations, and there are not many cleaning solutions that will fully clean grout lines. Using cleaning solutions can even result in permanent damages and discoloration to floors. Health care facilities and schools are just a couple environments where hygiene is a major concern when it comes to bacteria in grout.

2. Discolored, Dirty or Stained Tiles

With porous tiles, staining becomes a common problem and it is often permanent. A textured tile retains dirt within the tile surface. Although there are cleaning products that help with this issue, it does not eliminate the problem. Over time tiles can become cloudy on the surface, and regular cleaning solutions may not work. It’s often a sign that the wrong type of cleaning product was used for the particular tile type. However, it could be that the sealer was improperly applied, the product is of poor quality, or when applied on non-porous tiles a white milky appearance can occur. These are situations where the sealer has to be fully removed by a professional, which include risks of permanent damage to tiles.

3. Moldy Grout Lines

The most commonly problems with moldy grout lines occur in bathrooms and the shower. These issues become annoying because mold is associated with humid, wet conditions. When a room lacks proper ventilation, it creates the perfect environment for mold to grow and spread. Body oils and soap residue also result in mold growth, as its like a food source for the problem.

Typically, mold growth within bathrooms and showers are the result of a leak at some point in the recessed grout line. A tiny crack or hole within the grout can allow water to build up and create the growth of mold.

Once the mold begins to grow in joints of porous grout, scrubbing with chemicals will not correct the issue. A mold killing chemical will only result in further damage to the grout as it disintegrates the surface, leading to even more issues.

4. Dull Appearance/Difficult Cleaning

This issue is common, and often occurs due to one of many factors. It could be due to something like the wrong cleaning product being used.

Because of the many reasons, getting advice from professionals is highly recommended to determine the proper cleaning products to use for your tile type.

Other problems include existing dirt that does not want to be removed using the standard cleaning products and require a deep cleaning from porous tiles, which can cause damage if attempted with common cleaning products. In situations where tiles have darkish or dull appearances, they are not visually appealing. Then there is the usage of mopping, which is arguably the most frequent mistake by cleaning crews. A mop will only push dirt around without cleaning the surface, not only is this not going to leave an aesthetic appearance it’s unsanitary.

5. Falling and Slipping Concerns

When it comes to wet tile floors, falling and slipping are major concerns, especially in business environments. Locations like bathrooms, restaurants, and other areas that have heavy foot traffic that could track outdoor moisture should be areas for high concern of slips and falls. When tiles are larger that ¼” with grout lines it increases the risk of slipping when surfaces are wet. This is a liability that commercial properties must consider, but are commonly though about after the installation of flooring.

Phoenix Valley Tile Floor Cleaning

If you have challenging floors that need cleaning such as ceramic tile or porcelain tile we can help!  Mexican Tile Restoration offers cleaning for any tile of tile flooring and can restore your grout and tile to like new gleaming condition.  We specialize in the cleaning of tile floor and understand how to overcome all of the tile floor cleaning problems above.

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