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checkboxAt Mexican Tile Restoration, Inc., we have been providing professional Mexican Tile and Restoration and Saltillo Tile and Grout Cleaning Services for more than fifteen years throughout Phoenix, Arizona and Orange County, California.


Does Tile Restoration take credit cards?
Yes, we accept both MasterCard and Visa for your convenience.

What products does Tile Restoration use?
We use only the finest products, many of which are manufactured by Johnson's Wax. These products are all commercial grade, which ensures consistency in quality and durability.

Why do other companies offer a "Basic Cleaning Price" for Saltillo?
Generally, companies that offer "blanket pricing" do not specialize in the care and refinishing of saltillo tile. Their single approach to cleaning works well for ceramic tile, but doesn't do well on natural stone. All of our estimates are done in person to ensure that the scope of the job is understood by both MTR and our Clients.

You advertise that you do "dust free refinishing;" how is this possible?
Our process utilizes water and strippers which are deep scrubbed into the floor and immediately evacuated. There is no dust created during this custom tile and grout cleaning process.

When is payment due for tile restoration services?
A small down-payment is due when scheduling the job, then the balance is due when the job is complete. This ensures that the customer is always satisfied.

What is your standard price, by the square foot, to perform a normal cleaning for my saltillo floor?
Every job is different; as a result the price is determined by the job. For example, four separate pads/rooms that total 1,000 Sq' will take longer to do than on large room the same size. The cost is determined by how long it will take to complete your job, and the complexity of that job.

Do you work in any state other than AZ or CA?
No we don't, nor do we have anyone to recommend. We do suggest that you make sure any potential contractors are licensed, bonded and insured. Also pay attention to before and after photos to see the quality of their work.

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