If you are searching for “tile refinishing” or “tile refinishing near me” in Phoenix, Mexican Tile Restoration can help! We are one of the best tile refinishing companies in the Phoenix Metropolitan area! We offer many types of tile refinishing for: Saltillo tile, marble tile, travertine tile, granite tile, terrazzo tile, limestone tile, porcelain tile, and ceramic tile floors.

Mexican Tile Refreshing


Mexican tile is beautiful and the wide range of coatings and sealers applied during the process of Mexican tile manufacturing and design gives a look sometimes described as “buttered lather.” Therefore it is very important the process of refinishing carefully strips away the layers of acrylic sealer coatings and the additional coatings of wax as part of the process, also we ensure the tiles are thoroughly cleaned. We then use the highest quality materials to ensure the beauty of your Mexican tile for years to come.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing


When you want to reproduce the look of the original tile, the only practical way to do so is ceramic tile refinishing. When you examine ceramic tile and you see the beautiful glaze is baked on in kilns reaching temperatures between 900 to 2,5000 degrees Fahrenheit. Tile reglazing as a term is really a misnomer as it is impractical to remove already installed ceramic tile and ship it back to the factory for re-firing in a kiln. Refinishing is a far better option for the replacement of ceramic tile. It is less expensive and also more practical than new tile. Additionally, you avoid the mess of replacement and removal. It is also far superior to a porcelain tile repair kit.

Porcelain Tile Refinishing


Used on floors, to line walls, sink backsplashes, showers and countertops, porcelain tile replacement can often be costly. The tile can be repaired and refinished if it is not damaged badly and is only suffering from minor cracks and chips in some areas. Porcelain tiles that have become worn and old can be sealed and painted with a spray of acrylic urethane resin. commonly described as a refinisher. This same process for sealing tile made from porcelain can also be used in bathtubs that are finished with a porcelain coat.

How Much Does Tile Refinishing Cost In Arizona?


The average cost of tile refinishing (also known as reglazing) is $1,075 in Arizona. Conversely, the range of costs to install new materials goes from $850 to $3,000. Adding to the overall price of a full replacement is the cost of removing tile when you choose a full replacement. Refinishing is a fast solution and long-lasting, resulting in restoring the look of your tile. Read more about Tile Refinishing Costs

Tile Refinishing Process


The following steps are taken by a tile professional to refinish your tile and make it look like new:

  • Applying primer, enamel, and refinishing product.
  • Clean tile to remove all residue including oils, grease, dirt and soap film.
  • Etch tile to ensure the refinishing solution adheres in a correct manner.
  • Fill chips and cracks in the tile.
  • Grout recoating.
  • Repair damaged or missing caulking in cases of refinishing bathtub tile.



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