How Much Does Saltillo Tile Cost?
Written by Brian B

Saltillo Tile Cost 2021

The average price for Saltillo tile flooring is $627.50, with a range of costs from $425-$830, according to RemodelingExpense. Installation for this flooring type will cost an average of $6.39 per square foot in the year 2021. Installation prices will range from $4.72-$8.05 per square foot.

Cost Of Saltillo Tile Per Square Foot

Homeowners can expect to pay an average of $6.39 per square foot when choosing Saltillo tile. This continues to be a popular choice of flooring among homeowners throughout the U.S. It is coveted for its unique design and low maintenance. This traditional Mexican tile ranges in color from red to yellow to orange. While authentic Saltillo tiles do not feature any finish or glaze, some manufacturers will add some sort of finish prior to installation.

Saltillo Tiles

Costs for this popular flooring can add up quickly. The price of this flooring will only continue to go up if you attempt to install it yourself. It is strongly suggested to hire a professional for the installation. Try to get 3-5 estimates before deciding on which professional to hire for the project. Most estimates will be free of charge.

Buy Saltillo Tile

Here a few easy tips to guide you through the purchase and installation phases with Saltillo tile.

  • Visit a few different stores that sell Saltillo tile. See what the lowest possible cost for the flooring will be.
  • Prices for Saltillo tile tend to drop in the fall and early winter. This is the ideal time to shop for new flooring.
  • Budget a little more than originally planned. This extra money could come in handy if there are any configuration issues or difficulties during installation.

Saltillo Tile Near Me

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Tile Reglazing

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