Written by Brian B

How To Clean Mexican Tile

Mexican tiles can give your home a truly unique look and feel. This flooring can be regularly maintained by performing a light cleaning every few weeks. The only downside with these tiles is they are very easy to damage. If you are searching online for “how to clean mexican tile,” then follow these instructions below.

Mexican Tile Cleaning Tips

Here are five simple steps to follow when cleaning your Mexican tiles:

Step 1: Remove everything you can around the tiles, whether it is furniture, rugs or other items.

Step 2: Sweep all dust and dirt from the flooring as thoroughly as possible. If easier, use a vacuum cleaner hose to collect all the dust and dirt.

Step 3: Fill a bucket with water or an appropriate Mexican tile cleaner.

Step 4: Dip a mop into the solution or water, then squeeze the excess water out. You want the mop to be closer to damp than wet when you perform the cleaning.

Step 5: Mop the floor completely. Let the floor dry out before putting any items back on the floor.

Mexican Tile Benefits

There are many reasons why homeowners are continuing to choose Mexican tiles for their flooring needs. The number one reason why this flooring is so popular is because of its versatility. Mexican tiles can come in so many different styles and designs. It’s the one tile that can stir a homeowner’s creativity. You can have your tiles match your personality or your home’s theme.

It’s hard to find a material as unique as handcrafted Mexican tiles. This unique tile gives you the freedom to mix and match any style desired. Plus, as mentioned above, these tiles are very easy to clean thoroughly. Make your home’s kitchen area stand out from the crowd by investing in Mexican tiles today!



Tile Reglazing

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