Tile And Grout Cleaning Services
Written by Brian B

Tile And Grout Cleaning Services

If you are looking for tile and grout cleaning services for your Arizona home, Mexican Tile Restoration is here to help!

Tile And Grout Cleaning | Mexican Tile Restoration

Providing tile and grout cleaning services for both residential and commercial needs, Mexican Tile Restoration will keep your property looking great! We will restore your kitchens, countertops, bathrooms and floors. On average, a typical room that measures 300 square feet will only take between 30-60 minutes to finish. Adding sealant upon request will take between 2-3 hours to finish completely. Mexican Tile Restoration has been a leader in tile installation, refinishing and restoration in Arizona since 1990. Trust 30-plus years of experience whenever you have tile or grout repair/cleaning needs.

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Tips for a long life of tile and grout:

  • Never use harsh chemicals or bleach in cleaning agents used for mopping as it may break down the sealant.
  • Whenever you mop make sure to rinse the floor.
  • Swept and vacuum each time that you mop. This will remove a lot of the dirt.
  • If you want to make sure that your floors last long and preserve their sealants, then use our Professional Neutral Tile and Grout Cleaner.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean And Seal Grout?

The average cleaning and grout sealing cost is $480, with prices ranging from $360 to $600 in the US for 2021.

Why Should I Clean and Seal My Tile Grout?

What is the purpose of grout? Grout is a variety of mortar that is utilized to fill in the gaps between tiles on floors patios, walls, or countertops. Stone or ceramic is a strong material that takes on a lot of heavy use; nevertheless, grout’s irregular surface is ideal at trapping all the grime and dirt that naturally gathers between the tiles. After a couple of years, your tile will probably look as good as the day it was installed, but your grout tells a different story. Get your grimy, tarnished grout cleaned and sealed professionally in order to:

  • Get rid of mildew and mold
  • Deep clean debris, dirt, and old detergent residues trapped in between tile spaces
  • Prevention of further fading and staining
  • Restore its waterproofing qualities.

Doing so will keep your tile in great shape in the coming years.

Damaged Grout

While repairing damaged grout can seem like a tedious task, there are many tools and companies equipped to bring your flooring back to life. First, homeowners must understand the many types of grout used for tiles. The two major forms that grout comes in are sanded and unsanded. Smaller spaces between tile generally require unsanded grout, with larger areas calling for the sanded version. Before beginning any cleanup or repairs, make sure you know the type of grout used in your flooring, and measure the areas between the tiles for an accurate pour.

Repairing Grout Cracks

Filling these cracks will make your tile flooring look like it was newly installed. Don’t stress out about any cracks, by the way, as this material will require some minor repairs over time. The first step towards repairing any areas would be to mix the new grout in a small bowl or other container. Check for manufacturer’s instructions before going forward with this task, though. Next, spread the newly mixed group evenly over the desired areas. Do this in several different patterns, ensuring that you have completely covered the old grout with a smooth, new layering. Scrape any excess grout off the tiles as soon as possible, so that it does not stick anywhere other than where you meant to lay this material. Lastly, let the grout sit and dry for several minutes.

Step-by-step instructions for repairing grout cracks:

  • Mix new grout in a small bowl or container with water.
  • Spread the new grout in the desired areas, evenly.
  • Clear out any excess grout as quickly as possible.
  • Let the new grout sit and dry for several minutes.

Grout Cleaning

If no repairs are needed, but you’d still like to treat your grout to keep it in the best possible shape, there are many ways to clean the material. Simply brushing the grout with a tool like a toothbrush and hot water will help preserve the grout. A more effective way to clean the grout, though, is by spraying the material with warm water and vinegar. Let it sit for a few minutes, then brush the grout. Using a small amount of chlorine bleach can work, as well. Be careful with the bleach, though, as you do not want to overdo it with this substance, for obvious reasons.

Quick ways to clean grout:

  • Use warm water and brush the grout with a small tool.
  • Spray water/vinegar mix onto grout, then scrub.
  • Use a small amount of chlorine bleach on the material.
  • Clean the areas with a steam mop.

Tile And Grout Cleaning In Arizona!


For the last 27 years, Mexican Tile Restoration has provided tile refinishing, tile restoration, grout cleaning, among other services for Saltillo tile, marble tile, travertine tile, granite tile, terrazzo tile, limestone tile, porcelain tile, and ceramic tile floors. We also offer grout cleaning/sealing.

Get a free tile restoration quote anywhere in Phoenix including Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler or anywhere else by giving us a call today. We are proud to be the #1 Mexican tile cleaning, grout cleaning, tile repair, tile tear out, and tile replacement provider in the Phoenix Valley,  since 1990. Mexican Tile Restoration cleans and removes scratches from old saltillo tile and grout, reverses fading damage from excessive sunlight, replaces broken tiles, matches colors for replacement tiles, mends chipped grout lines, and polishes and seals your entire floor to make it look brilliantly new again!

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