Tile Reglazing Cost
Written by Brian B

Tile Reglazing Cost

On average, tile reglazing projects cost $1,075, with prices ranging from $150$2,000 in 2021, according to HomeAdvisor. Typically, reglazing costs $64.55 per square foot, with a range of $16.95$95.20, according to improve.net.



Tile reglazing also known as resurfacing, recoating, or tile refinishing is an affordable way to update your bathroom or kitchen. You should expect to pay between $16.95 and $95.20 per square foot or $1,000 to hire a professional to reglaze your bathroom floor tile.

Bathroom Tile Reglazing Minimum Average Cost: $16.95 per square foot

Bathroom Tile Reglazing Maximum Average Cost: $95.20 per square foot


Are Ceramic Tiles Able To Be Reglazed?

Yes, you can reglaze ceramic tiles.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay To Reglaze Tile In A Bathroom?

In terms overall costs, expect to pay approximately $1,000 to professionally reglaze your bathroom tile.

Am I Able To Paint Ceramic Tile in the Bathroom?

Yes, ceramic tiles can be painted in a DIY manner. However, when ceramic tiles are painted your own the paint will not last as long as when done by professional. This can also, remove some of the grout color schemes.

Can Ceramic Shower Tiles Be Painted?

Yes, shower tiles can be painted. Extra consideration should be paid because of the amount of water can begin peeling if the paint is not correctly applied.

How Durable Is Tile Glaze?

When applied by a professional tile glaze should last between 10 and 15 years.

Can Porcelain Tile Be Resurfaced?

Yes, porcelain tiles can be resurfaced. Since porcelain tiles are harder to repair you should expect to replace a few tiles.



I think we all can agree that $5,000 sounds a lot better than $1,000, right? Well, on average, that is how much you can save by reglazing your bathroom tile as opposed to replacing it.

HomeAdvisor says, tile glazing “is more affordable than replacement, costing on average $1,075 versus anywhere between $850-$3,000 to install new materials. The cost to remove tile also adds to the overall price of a full replacement.”

As tile contractors come to your home to give you an in-person estimate, ask them how their replacement and reglazing processes differ. While the costs above are good starting points, your local bathroom glazing contractor may charge different amounts based on the cost factors mentioned above.

Reglazing Tile Uses

Over time, bathroom tiles can really show their age, resulting in an appearance that’s something less than desired. Replacing this tile in or around a shower or a bathroom sink can be a major undertaking. Ripping apart tiles can also damage the surrounding walls and even the tub if not done properly.

Reglazing basically restores luster to the tiles and breathes new life into their appearance and function. Some common tile areas in the bathroom that can be reglazed include:

  • Showers
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Counters

Reglazing is recommended for certain surface tiles including ceramic tile, cultured marble, fiberglass, porcelain tiles and some laminate tiles. For DIY projects, you need to make sure the glazing compound is compatible with what it’s being used on.


  1. We first start with cleaning the tile as well as the surrounding area to remove any oil, dirt, or other debris from the site.
  2. Next, we evaluate the tile for damage like cracks, then we begin etching the tile and repairing chips so the refinishing agent can bond with the tile correctly.
  3. After we apply a primer to the tiles and begin to recoat the grout.
  4. During our final step, we will inspect the work area to ensure there are no cracks or damage to caulking or grout then we will apply the final coat of enamel.



The disadvantages of tile glazing includes:

  1. Wear resistance of glazed tile isn’t as great as polished tiles
  2. The firing process reveals bends, cracks, pinholes, firing, and wavy spots are seen
  3. Yanjin says, “Look at the water absorption rate, generally good brick, good press, high density of pressing, high firing temperature, good porcelain, so the water absorption rate is also small.”



Tile Reglazing

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